Flower Garden


I love Zoo Atlanta.

There’s a “Culture of Caring” that exists here. It’s unlike anything I have experienced anywhere else. From the unchecked swarm of carpenter bees at the ticket line, to the Panda Exhibit and the Endangered / Exploited Species informative displays, there is a robust and hearty spirit of love for the world’s animals.

Thanks Zoo Atlanta, we will be back soon.

At right: Big Boy gets a neck hug from his Sweetie.

All School, Sports and Church activity have been effectively cancelled these past few days due to the Atlanta area experiencing six inches of snow, covered by a half an inch of ice. It is treacherous driving out there because: (1) no-one is in the possession of snow chains, (2) driving skills are pretty much negated by glare ice.

On I-20 there was a traffic tie-up that reportedly lasted  29 hours. We are playing it safe and staying fairly close to the house. The thaw should come this weekend.


"Here We Go!!"

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